Valentine's Day 2023 💖

💖 Valentine's Day 💝





For Valentine's, I "heart attacked" his door. While he was sleeping I cut out hearts and on the big hearts wrote things I love about him on them. When he woke up I read to him all the things I love about him.

Afterward, I made him heart-shaped whipped cream and strawberry waffles. (His Favorite)

@professormother In preparation for Valentine's day in a week this is what I did. I love love month 🥰 I wanted him to wake up to a surprise with hearts all over his door and things I love about him ❤️ He felt extra special! and giggled non stop at the door. we then made heart waffles together whipped cream and strawberries. (his favorite) to read more go to and follow for part 2. #valentinesday #activities #love #ideas #professyourlove #momsoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #showyoucare #waffles #heartattack #hearts #favorite ♬ All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
Then we read a Valentine's day book. In this book, it talked about writing and creating letters for people you love. I wanted to incorporate the book into a creative time for him to make cards for his dad, grandparents, and friends. I folded some construction paper. I also bought valentines day stickers, hearts, and glitter glue. He had a blast with them and enjoyed writing in marker. 



I used construction paper and stickers from the Amazon link below. 

For lunch, we had heart-shaped ravioli. We then mailed out the cards he made to his grandparents. I love enjoying the holidays with him. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk about loving others around us in the month of February. I hope I was able to inspire you with ideas for you to profess your love to your loved ones. 

@professormother Happy valentine's day ❤️🥰💗 always a way to create a learning opportunity. He loves creating and giving his valentine's day cards away to people he loves. This month I have read to him books about kindness and caring for others. I especially liked how the book in the video talked about making cards. I hope you all have a happy Valentines and spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. #valentinesday #love #activitiesforkids #toddlersoftiktok #momsoftiktok #card #creative #giving #learning #ideas #follow ♬ original sound - professormother


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