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Yummy Family Veggie Recipes

 Get your family to eat vegetables with easy and delicious recipes.  Monster Green Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins Ingredients 1   ripe banana 3   large   eggs   ¼   cup   almond butter or peanut butter ⅓   cup   honey 1-2   cups   fresh baby spinach ¾   cup rolled oats 1   teaspoon   baking powder 1   teaspoon   ground cinnamon   (optional) ½   teaspoon   fine sea salt ¼   cup  mini chocolate chips @professormother Now that he is a toddler it is difficult to squeeze vegetables into his diet. He especially loves these because I call them monster muffins 💪 It makes them extra special and he loves the green color. Blending vegetables is a great way to mix in those important foods. let me know in the comments how they worked out for your little one 🩷 #monster #monstermuffins #chocolate #chocolatechipmuffins #spinachmuffins #toddlerfood #toddlermeals #toddlersnack #yummy #love #bake #easyrecipe #professormother #momsoftiktok #peanutbutterhoneybanana ♬ Send Me on My Way Fol