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Sea Creature Exploration

Learning and Directions

With this activity, you can mix it up in two different ways for two new ways of learning. This sensory bin helps with counting, number recognition, and exploration. Plus who doesn't love to play and eat at the same time? 😋
To make this activity, prepare 6-9oz blue jello and put it into a clear bin. If you would like the sea creatures to be set in the ocean place them in the jello at this time. I found it difficult to pull the number out if set in jello beforehand. Then place in the fridge slanted for at least four hours. After the jello has been set and your little one is ready to learn, grind up one package of graham crackers in a blender to make the "sand" for the ocean jello. 

If you are planning to do the number fishing count, place 1-9 into the ocean. Give your child the fishing rod. Once they catch the number hold it up for them to examine and say the number with them.

If you are planning the sea creature exploration, place the land-sea creatures on the sand (graham cracker), and if did not place the sea creatures in jello before solidification place them in jello now.  You may give your child tools to dig and pick up the animals or they may use their hands. Tip: if possible try to do this activity outside since it may get messy. Say the animal's name and allow them to explore and taste. It's a beautiful day for learning! Let me know how this activity worked for you and your little one in the comments. 

@professormother Sensory bin exploration 🌊🐠 I love creating fun activities for him to have fun learning. This activity helps with exploration and curiosity. Plus number recognition and counting. It a beautiful day for learning 🌈 #explore #sensorybin #learning #beautiful #love #counting #teach #numbers #momsoftiktok #activititiesforkids #sea #ocean #sand #edibleactivities #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound - professormother
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