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Transitioning into Daycare- My Student Teaching Experience

My only option was to have my little one start daycare to complete my student teaching requirements. I was not anticipating having to put him in daycare. Because of all the horror stories and missing out on activities with him, I dreaded the day he had to start.  Summer quickly turned into fall and my husband had to drop him off on his first day of daycare while I began student teaching. He cried every time he dropped him off and when I arrived to pick him up he looked like a zombie. He had snot running down his nose and tears streaming down his cheeks. He wandered around uncomforted. I wanted to take him out of daycare and stop student teaching. I would cry in the car and call my mom wanting the experience to be over. I was existing and trying my best to keep up with everything. I had no time to myself or to breathe. I felt immense guilt. The daycare even advised me to pick him up earlier since he was having such a hard time adjusting. I did not know what to do and began feeling burn

Why am I Struggling to Breastfeed? Top Items to Buy for Breastfeeding Support and More

Having to heal, deal with exhaustion, and breastfeeding can become a lot during the newborn stage. In the beginning, I was adamant that I would breastfeed when I was pregnant. I never understood why anyone would want to use formula since breastfeeding is so "natural".  I got a taste of my own medicine and dealt with sore cracked nipples, low milk production, and clogged milk ducts. It was frustrating that I could not feed him. I felt like a failure. It led to many sleepless nights and an aggravated newborn. Additionally, remember that your mental health comes first. If breastfeeding becomes too difficult or exhausting, it is perfectly fine to switch to formula. Once my little one was 6 months old, I was completely dry, and giving him formula was the best decision I made for the both of us. In terms of formula, Kirkland was my favorite brand since it did not contain harsh ingredients. Be cautious of the ingredients some formulas contain sugar and corn syrup. Reasons Not being

Creating a More Active and Successful Classroom

 Most importantly it is essential to be an advocate for health and lead by example in the classroom. Modeling healthy eating habits, physical activity, and appropriate responses to stress can have a powerful effect on students, health decision-making behaviors. Having a positive attitude and placing a high value on healthy habits can affect students' attitudes as well.  (Evans and Sims, 2018) Teachers/parents have a responsibility to guide children to the best choices for their health and their future. As you can observe in this chart shown in,  Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers,  th ere is a huge link between better grades and healthy habits. Many things can be done to promote health that could lead to improved grades in your classroom. Here is a list of ideas to use in the classroom to get students to be healthy, concentrate and have better behavior.   Brain Breaks-  Provide guidelines and organization in advance.  These guidelines must include stop-

My Postpartum Experience- Five Stages of Grief

I do not think anything can fully prepare you for pregnancy, birth, or postpartum. If you are an expecting mom, you take it one day at a time. My little one was a surprise to me when I found out I was pregnant, as I stated in The Balancing Act .  He was our plan for the future but finding out we were pregnant was a huge rush of emotions. I think many people can relate to that first time seeing the pregnancy test in complete shock. I have also previously written about how challenging pregnancy was for me in  Two Easy Ways to Help with Morning Sickness . I had every possible miserable symptom. I was so ready for him to come. Then BOOM nine months passed and I was in labor.  We went to the hospital right after my husband got off of his 14-hour shift around 11 pm. It was a tight cramping pain and then it worsened into a pain where I could no longer walk anymore. While in labor my husband expressed to me that he was worried that an angel was going to be taken from this earth when another en

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How to Help Your Little Ones When They are Sick

Immune Support One of the most dreaded feelings is seeing your kiddo become ill. Particularly because I had my baby during a time when COVID-19 was prevalent, I was worried. When he first got sick I knew I wanted to provide him with organic products that would boost his immune system so he could fight it mostly himself.  When I first notice him feeling unwell, I give him Mommy's Bliss Elderberry Immunity Support and other vitamins. Also, if I find out that a child at daycare or somebody we have been around had come down with something, I give him this to fill his body with vitamins.  In addition, keep your little one away from sugar. Sugar weakens their immune system. Stick with the CRAM-  cereal, rice, applesauce, and milk,  and BRAT- b ananas, rice, applesauce, and toast diets. Soup, crackers, f ruits, and veggies are also nutritious foods.       Medicine After that, if I notice symptoms such as a runny nose, headache, cough, etc. worsen

Two Easy Ways to Help with Morning Sickness

I felt like my pregnancy was proceeding smoothly UNTIL I hit 8 weeks. It was like I hit a brick wall.  My pregnancy turned into one of the hardest and most taxing things that I had ever experienced. Morning  sickness was an understatement. I threw up doing the dishes, eating, and even getting up too quickly. I did not want to get out of bed. I tried all the "hacks" such as ginger, motion sickness bands, crackers next to the bed, and pregnancy suckers. No improvement!  If those did not work for you either you're at the right place. 1. I thought I was alone and no one could relate to or understand how I was feeling like death every day. I began to feel defeated and desperate for help. One day,  I called up my mom and told her I felt like I was about to pass out in the bathroom at my job. Thankfully, she connected the dots right away and knew I was dehydrated, and told me to grab some Pedialyte. Afterward, that was the beginning of the transition. My body was beyond dehydrat