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Ultimate Desserts Mom Made

   Desserts Growing up my mom created the ultimate desserts. She still surprises me today with how she is able to create delicious food out of thin air. With her permission, she gave me the recipes for all the desserts I begged her to make as a kid and as an adult. 💖 I love making my friends and family desserts that make my heart feel full of love too. I love sharing love with others and hope you are able to do the same.  Moms Triple Chocolate Cake- Nothing Bundt Cake Dupe     Directions Preheat your oven to 350 F Put all your ingredients besides the chocolate chips into your stand mixer Once your ingredients are mixed together add chocolate chips and mix for 1-2 minutes Pour the batter into a greased bundt cake pan Bake for 45-50 minutes While the cake is in the oven mix all the ingredients for cream cheese frosting into a mixer Allow the cake to cool fully before frosting your bundt cake. (I put frosting in a ziplock bag to pipe frosting) Enjoy! 😘 Recipe Devi

How to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten

What Your Child Should Know and How to Prepare Preparation Children will thrive in an environment that sparks their curiosity, builds their self-confidence, and creates a love of learning. When I plan learning activities the idea is not to push learning on the child but to encourage them to love learning. I believe that it starts at home. Reading books, using writing tools, and simply talking to your child about what they are thinking while they are exploring are some effective ways to create a strong foundation. It is important to know what you should focus on to prepare. The primary domains of development are: Physical- Gross and fine motor Mathematical - Concepts and thinking Literacy - Reading and writing Health Language and communication By kindergarten, children should be able to sequence, sort, and use problem-solving skills. Including knowing how to count to 20 and what those numbers look like. Children should be familiar with the alphabet and the sound of each letter. Lastly,

My All-Time Favorite Dinner Recipes

Dinner Recipes I like super quick and easy dinners that don't take twenty ingredients. Below are some of our household favorites plus additional tips that I use. Feel free to comment on what recipe was a favorite in your house. For your convenience, I also attached the ingredients to add to your Amazon cart 🛒 with a variety of brands to choose from. I hope you enjoy and are able to bring smiles to your family. 😊 Easy Chicken Pot Pie Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350℉ 2. You can skip this step if you have precooked chicken. Cook your chicken breast on a skillet and season to taste with salt and pepper (I also use seasoning salt or chopped onion to mix it up at times) 3. Chop chicken breast once it is fully cooked or take about 2 cups of chicken pieces from the rotisserie if have full chicken that is not pre-shredded.   4. Begin to make gravy mix (follow the directions given on the packet) 5. Whisk gravy until thickened  6. Stir together mixed vegetables , chicken, and gravy in

How to Feel Yourself Again After Having a Baby- 7 Beneficial Tips

Becoming a Mom Growing up when teachers and family asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Other kids would reply a firefighter, nurse, or chef but I, on the other hand, would reply "a mom". Distinctively a shopper mom. 😂 I saw my mom be a superwoman growing up and saw her as the ultimate goal. She inspires me in many ways even today.  When I held my little one for the first time, it felt surreal. In spite of accomplishing what my little girl self dreamed of, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. People would ask me "aren't you so happy?" or "isn't it the best feeling in the world?" and I never knew what to honestly say.  My postpartum experience was the opposite of normal. I go into more detail in, My Postpartum Experience- Five Stages of Grief. I wanted to feel happy so desperately, but that wasn't 100% what I felt. I googled everything like how to get my baby to sleep, how to produce more milk, and is ___ normal.

How to Switch from Baby Bottles to Sippy Cups- My Top Picks

Transitioning Gradually switching from baby bottles to sippy cups can be a struggle. We took it day by day slowly replacing his baby bottles with sippy cups. Soon he didn't even notice that they were gone. Every kid is different and allow them to go at their own pace. Even try cups like the 360 sip, straw cups, or cups that have a lid with one small opening for the kids that are struggling with other sippy cups.  Any tips that you use for getting rid of the bottle? Comment below 👇 Recommendations The links below are some of my favorite baby bottles and sippy cups. I tried all the fancy bottle brands and they were either a pain to clean or leaked. One of my TikTok videos talks more about brands I prefer to avoid . Feel free to ask for more elaboration and if I tried any other baby bottles I did not like. (We definitely had our fair share of trial and error.)  The baby bottle brands below never leaked and were super easy to maintain. Medela and Evenflo were his favorite baby bot

Fun and Easy Activities to do with Kids

Fun and Easy Activities Day 1- Fingerpainting Outside  One of my favorite things to do is get outside. Fingerpainting can be messy and gets everywhere. With that, fingerpainting outside is a simple solution to keep the little ones busy. Extra bonus since the paint is washable, there was no concern about paint landing on the patio. After they are done you can use the hose to wash them up and the floor for a super quick clean up. Learning Time I was able to incorporate teaching him colors by naming the color he was painting with. For example, he would put his paint brush or hand in yellow and I would repeatedly say yellow. I would even put my finger in the paint, show him the color, and name the color. Don't be scared to get dirty with them. In addition, I only selected three colors for him to use to not overwhelm him. Painting with a brush also helps fine motor skills. I gave him two options for brushes to feel the different textures. One was a sponge brush and the other with long