How to Switch from Baby Bottles to Sippy Cups- My Top Picks


Gradually switching from baby bottles to sippy cups can be a struggle. We took it day by day slowly replacing his baby bottles with sippy cups. Soon he didn't even notice that they were gone. Every kid is different and allow them to go at their own pace. Even try cups like the 360 sip, straw cups, or cups that have a lid with one small opening for the kids that are struggling with other sippy cups.

 Any tips that you use for getting rid of the bottle? Comment below 👇


The links below are some of my favorite baby bottles and sippy cups. I tried all the fancy bottle brands and they were either a pain to clean or leaked. One of my TikTok videos talks more about brands I prefer to avoid. Feel free to ask for more elaboration and if I tried any other baby bottles I did not like. (We definitely had our fair share of trial and error.) 

The baby bottle brands below never leaked and were super easy to maintain. Medela and Evenflo were his favorite baby bottles. Between the both of them, I especially liked Evenflo and they were the least expensive. 

Choosing leak-proof, non-removable lids, and easy-to-clean sippy cups are the keys to finding the most suitable sippy cup. I really liked the Munchkin click-to-lock feature for that reason. His favorite by far is the Nuby sippy cups and they don't break the bank. Pediatricians highly recommend the 360 spoutless training cups. I also like those but mostly for at home since they can drop on the lid and get dirty. I have also added the cleaning basket we use in the dishwasher. We spent so much time cleaning bottles beforehand. Now we just pop the bottles in the dishwasher and the tops in the basket after rinsing them out. It is a lifesaver.

Lastly, our favorite milk is Ripple Kids. Ripple Kids is lactose-free and made from peas. The nutrition facts are enough to explain why it is my favorite. If you are debating which milk brand to transition your little one to I would check it out. 

What bottles did your kids use the most? 

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