Fun and Easy Learning Activities to do with Kids

Fun and Easy Activities

Day 1- Fingerpainting Outside 

One of my favorite things to do is get outside. Fingerpainting can be messy and gets everywhere. With that, fingerpainting outside is a simple solution to keep the little ones busy. Extra bonus since the paint is washable, there was no concern about paint landing on the patio. After they are done you can use the hose to wash them up and the floor for a super quick clean up.

Learning Time

I was able to incorporate teaching him colors by naming the color he was painting with. For example, he would put his paint brush or hand in yellow and I would repeatedly say yellow. I would even put my finger in the paint, show him the color, and name the color. Don't be scared to get dirty with them. In addition, I only selected three colors for him to use to not overwhelm him. Painting with a brush also helps fine motor skills. I gave him two options for brushes to feel the different textures. One was a sponge brush and the other with long bristles. Have fun and follow for more!

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Day 2- Simple Edible Playdough

My little one loves to put everything in his mouth. I am always telling him yucky or no no. But with this activity, he plays and has a little snack. πŸ˜‹ I posted two recipes below just in case your child is allergic to peanut butter. Recipe 1 can also be made with different colored frosting to create multiple colors of play dough. You can also get your favorite vanilla frosting and food coloring to make it the color you would like. Which recipe worked best for you?

Benefits and Learning

Playdough is great for them to show their creativity. Use safe kitchen tools, cookie cutters, and toys to get creative. It is very effective to calm children and encourage them to slow down. Lastly, it is a fantastic way to have them use multiple senses. You can mention to them what their five senses are while they are interacting with the play dough. Ask them what they hear, see, feel/touch, taste, and smell. For smaller kids have them taste and say taste or eat. Help guide them and talk about what you see, feel, taste and smell. For example, feel the playdough with them and say descriptive words like soft, mushy, and squishy. For sight, say the color and have them try to say the color with you. Comment below for more tips.

Recipe 1

1 cup Frosting of any color (one container)
2 3/4 cups Powder Sugar

Recipe 2

1 cup Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Honey
2 1/4 Powdered Sugar

For both recipes, mix ingredients in a bowl or stand mixer. Put it onto a clean surface and let the fun begin. For easy clean up put foil or wax paper down. (We even added the sprinkles that came with the frosting afterward)

I also got asked about which toddler tower we use in the kitchen to cook together. I provided the link below. 😊

@professormother Day 2- Edible playdough. My little one puts everything in his mouth. I love that with this recipe I don't have to worry about him putting anything harmful in his mouth. This is a great activity in so many ways. learn more at ❤️ #follow #love #activity #activityforkids #activities #activitiesforkids #mother #motherhood #fatherhood #fun #recipes #recipe #like #trending #kids #tiktok #foryoupage #toddler #easyrecipe #easy #edible #playdough #edibleplaydough ♬ original sound - professormother
@professormother Fun and easy activities to do with your little one. ❤️ Peanut butter edible Playdough! To see the recipe, teaching tips and more go to #activitiesforkids #activities #playdough #edibleplaydough #recipes #recipe #learn #learnontiktok #fun #day #day2 #follow #follower #love #like #trending ♬ Cooking - Oleg Kirilkov

Day 3- Animal Dive

Directions plus Learning Opportunities

Water beads can promote learning and development by children using sensory, fine motor, color recognition, and fine motor skills. Water beads are a great way to introduce topics and transformative learning. 

Put small plastic toy animals in a bin filled with water beads or slime. If your child is old enough they can help with the setup process. (Prepare water beads the night before) Next, allow your little one to search the bin with their hands or tools. When they pull the animal out say the animal's name and the animal's noise together. For example, your child pulls out a cow, and you both look at it and say moo. Repeat with the animals placed in the bin. I like to show animals in the same population. You can add more learning opportunities by reading a book about the animals you used before or after. While doing so make the noise the animal does with your child. Mix it up with a different animal population. Furthermore, you can also work on their colors and ask what colors they see. 

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Day 4- Egg Carton Sort



Preparation and Learning

Eggs at the moment cost an arm and a leg. I wanted to be able to create a learning activity out of something that is in every household. As promised in, How to prepare your child for kindergarten this page will cover some of that content. I am here to help guide you through each expectation and show you fun learning ideas. In this activity, children will practice sorting, counting, and recognizing numbers. 

Now to get started you will need an egg carton. I suggest an 18 or 30 count depending on their mastery. (I emptied our eggs into our fridge egg organizer.) Next, I painted the inside creating columns of different colors with my little one. (As shown above) After the paint dried I wrote 1-18 on the bottom of each section going in rows. Then you can use pom poms, MM'S, or anything small enough to fit into each egg slot. Sort the colors of the items to match the colors in the carton. Read and say the number the item was placed in. Bonus fun: You could have your child go on a scavenger hunt and find items around the house that match the color and count them up to 18. I hope this makes buying eggs not too much of a hassle. πŸ˜‰ I would love to know how the activity worked for you in the comments. Enjoy learning!

@professormother Help your kids sort, count and recognize numbers and colors. As promised in my prepare for kindergarten blog, I created an activity that is easy and fun to do with your kids. Read more at πŸ’• #learning #sorting #numbers #counting #activitiesforkids #learningactivities #fun #funwithkids #toddlersoftiktok #momsoftiktok #enjoylearning #prepareforkindergarten #howtoprepare ♬ original sound - professormother

Day 5- Leap Duck

Learning and Directions

I can't be the only one with a dozen rubber ducks that we received from either baby showers, birthdays, or arcades. He also enjoys taking walks to the park and pointing at the ducks in the pond which made me want to create an activity with ducks. One of the objectives children need to know by kindergarten is counting up to 5 objects. They also need to understand that taking away an object means less and adding an object means more. 

For this activity, you will need at least 5 rubber ducks and 2-3 sheets of green construction paper. Cut the construction paper into 5 lily pads and number them 1-5. Tape the lily pads in a diagonal pattern to the floor in numerical order. (As shown in the video) Have your child put a duck on 1 and say the number. Then have them come back for another duck and place it on 2 and repeat the process. You can hold the ducks or place them in a bowl for them to grab. They can even gently jump on the lily pad when placing the duck down. Count all the way up to 5. Show them that they counted and ask how many ducks are on the lily pads. Then, have them count down starting at duck number 5. They can put the ducks back in the bowl or bring them back to you. During the process, you may ask questions like what number is one more/less than ___, or if you have different-looking ducks, what duck is on number 2. This activity is also great for rainy and cold days. Have fun learning!

@professormother Leap Duck activity! ❤️πŸ¦†Go to for further directions and more! By kindergarten they should know how to count up to five objects and understand one more and one less. Have fun and enjoy learning! #kindergarten #teacher #toddlersoftiktok #momsoftiktok #HowTo #prepare #activity #activitiesforkids #fun #learning #numbers #counting #tiktok ♬ original sound - professormother

More activities coming soon!


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