How to get your Little One to Sleep Through the Night in Their Crib

When Will my Little One Sleep Through the Night in Their Crib?

Being a first-time mom, I was past the point of exhaustion and the main question I googled then was when will my newborn sleep through the night. It was challenging to get rest and be able to do things for myself since he was constantly latched onto me. Looking back it seemed like forever but I do miss those newborn snuggles. Furthermore, it can be very frustrating and every baby will go at their own pace. Some babies sleep through the night very quickly and others may take more than a year. Be patient and follow your mama instinct. It wasn't until he was 3 months old that he fell asleep through the night. I did the following routine of bathtime, sleep bag, and white noise to help promote sleep in his crib and it worked.

In addition, I was anxious to put him in his crib since he mainly slept in his bassinet or in our arms those first few months. I transitioned him to the crib around 3-4 months for nap times. I was constantly monitoring him and had nothing in the crib. Once I began to feel comfortable with him in his crib during the day I also placed him there at night. During the first night, I could barely sleep because I constantly checked on him. Soon enough he was sleeping all through the night in his crib. The tips below also helped me and my little one get longer stretches of sleep. Each baby is different, listen to their cues. Soon enough they will sleep through the night and it will be the end of rocking them to sleep every night. 

Bath Time

First, I give him a warm bath. I loved using calming bubble bath soap for him. A warm bath is a great way to calm a baby and get them ready for nighttime. Afterward, I put on the nighttime lotion. 


White noise, Sleep sack, and Feed

I will forever use white noise. He still uses it to go to sleep and he is 2 years old. Also, set the temperature of their room to a comfortable level. In the summer, I would keep his fan on and in the winter I would put him in a sleep sack (suggestions below). It was also super easy to change diapers in the middle of the night when he was wearing the sleeping bag/sack. After, I would give him a bottle of milk or breastfeed him. Lastly, I would rock him while singing a few lullabies with the white noise on. At times, I would also give him a binky to help him self-soothe. While he was drowsy I put him in his crib. Each mama is different but I followed my ten-minute rule for crying. If I put him down and he cried, I would wait no more than ten minutes to grab him. I knew at times he could be overtired and he could soothe himself to sleep. 


Bath time, sleep sack, and white noise were the best things that happened to our routine. An honorable mention that I have previously posted about is that I love to use essential oils at night too. Lavender and cedarwood help best for sleep. 
These items will help promote restful sleep and help you to feel more like yourself with getting your rest while the baby sleeps. They helped him feel comfortable in his room, created a routine, and prepared him for a long night's rest. If you have any questions or tips that worked for you comment below!


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