Why am I Struggling to Breastfeed? Top Items to Buy for Breastfeeding Support and More

Having to heal, deal with exhaustion, and breastfeeding can become a lot during the newborn stage. In the beginning, I was adamant that I would breastfeed when I was pregnant. I never understood why anyone would want to use formula since breastfeeding is so "natural". 

I got a taste of my own medicine and dealt with sore cracked nipples, low milk production, and clogged milk ducts. It was frustrating that I could not feed him. I felt like a failure. It led to many sleepless nights and an aggravated newborn.

Additionally, remember that your mental health comes first. If breastfeeding becomes too difficult or exhausting, it is perfectly fine to switch to formula. Once my little one was 6 months old, I was completely dry, and giving him formula was the best decision I made for the both of us. In terms of formula, Kirkland was my favorite brand since it did not contain harsh ingredients. Be cautious of the ingredients some formulas contain sugar and corn syrup.


Not being able to breastfeed or having a low milk supply can be because of hormone imbalance, medications, breast surgery, the baby not latching correctly, and many other factors. To alleviate the pain of sore nipples and low supply I used these suggested items. They helped me to soothe my breast and continue to breastfeed for an additional 6 months. I recommend trying these tips out to see if they can help you on your journey. I would love to hear in the comments below if some or all of these items were helpful to you!

Soothing Breast

Breastfeeding became so painful I would grit my teeth and almost cry every time he latched. My nipples were raw and cracked which led to clogged ducts. Instantly, I searched for items that might make breastfeeding more bearable. Lansinoh was one of my favorite brands to use on my breast. The Lansinoh Soothies lasted for about a week. In order to ease the pain, I would put it in the freezer and then place it on my nipple. They also protected my sensitive nipples from being rubbed against my braI applied Lansinoh nipple balm for my cracked nipples. After I put it on I would place a nursing pad over it. It is safe for your little one to consume as well. Likewise, I enjoyed Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack because it could be used to reduce pain, relieve clogged ducts, and encourage milk flow while breastfeeding. Frida Mom will forever be one of my favorite brands. Frida Mom products help with cracked nipples and they have multiple packs to choose from. Now I love giving breast support products to expecting moms. Add them to your baby registry too. They are must-haves in your hospital bag, especially nipple cream. 


Breastfeeding- Low Milk Production

I tried the lactation foods/drinks, Brewer's yeast, and bought $50 lactation supplements. I also did power pumping and I felt like my life was consumed by breastfeeding or pumping. Nothing seemed to jump-start my milk flow. If I was lucky, I would have an extra ounce of milk. I saw some improvement in eating oatmeal but overall Body Armor helped me increase my milk supply. I went from producing 2 ounces to almost 5-6 ounces. Body Armor kept me hydrated and it was nice to drink something besides water.

Items that helped me the most during breastfeeding were the Haakaa and breast lactation massager. I loved getting every last drop of liquid gold from the Haakaa while breastfeeding. I provided a demonstration video below on how to use this item the most effectively. A lactation massager can be another effective way to help with clogged ducts and improve milk output. I also recommend buying nursing/pumping bras and shirts. They help make feeding your little one convenient and quick. Having easy access allows you to breastfeed a fussy baby without the hassle.

What I Would Redo

Now looking back I did not feed myself enough to sustain my supply. I believe I would have been able to breastfeed longer if I would have been less stressed and had eaten more during that time. My postpartum experience created a few setbacks for me as you can read here. It can be difficult to find time for yourself even to eat in those first few months. Having meals prepared and planned before your little one arrives can relieve a lot of stress. Follow your instincts, rest, and do lots of skin-to-skin with your baby. At times, breastfeeding may feel like a lot of work, but you will miss the bonding moments, I know I do. You got this mama! 


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