How to Feel Yourself Again After Having a Baby- 7 Beneficial Tips

Becoming a Mom

Growing up when teachers and family asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Other kids would reply a firefighter, nurse, or chef but I, on the other hand, would reply "a mom". Distinctively a shopper mom. 😂 I saw my mom be a superwoman growing up and saw her as the ultimate goal. She inspires me in many ways even today. 

When I held my little one for the first time, it felt surreal. In spite of accomplishing what my little girl self dreamed of, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. People would ask me "aren't you so happy?" or "isn't it the best feeling in the world?" and I never knew what to honestly say. 

My postpartum experience was the opposite of normal. I go into more detail in, My Postpartum Experience- Five Stages of Grief. I wanted to feel happy so desperately, but that wasn't 100% what I felt. I googled everything like how to get my baby to sleep, how to produce more milk, and is ___ normal. That is one of the reasons I chose to talk about those topics on my blog. I mourned the person I once was and knew I would never be that again. I felt anxiety about time slipping away too quickly and getting lost in the stress. During postpartum, I learned a lot about myself. Hopefully, I can help others not feel as lost and help them get out of the dark place they're in earlier than I did. I want to give moms/parents a community to talk to and know they are not alone. If you are experiencing postpartum depression (PPD) please talk to someone. 

How to Feel like Yourself Again

It can feel like at times you were reborn with your baby. You see life in an entirely different light. So much joy and happiness but also confusion, expectations, and loss of identity at times. Everyone navigates postpartum differently. I would love to hear about your postpartum experience in the comments.

Whenever I get blessed with baby #2, I hope to embrace the moments more and utilize these 7 tips sooner. Below are some tips to help you feel like yourself again. They are even useful anytime in your life you need to be centered. 

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7 Beneficial Tips to Feel Yourself 

1. Step outside ☀️- Go to the pool, park, or your backyard/balcony. Even getting out for a short walk around the neighborhood with your little one and putting some of your favorite music on can help change the mood of the day. The sun will also help your little one get into a better mood as well. I especially enjoyed taking walks around the neighborhood when I felt comfortable enough after postpartum. 

2. Do things you love- Whether it is cooking, dancing, painting, or sports it can help you feel normal again. If you don't know what you love think about what you did as a child. Allow your inner child to come out. I would be super goofy in the kitchen dancing and cooking while he was strapped onto me.

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3. Pick up a pen and write down how you are feeling or if you have nothing to say pick up a book. Whenever I pumped or breastfed, I did this. (In need of some worthwhile book recommendations? Comment below) 💖

4. Attend the gym or do yoga- I used to do yoga as a child and meditate. In need of some yoga tips? Message or comment. I started returning to the gym to feel like I was doing something for myself again. My goal was not to lose weight but to focus my mind on something different that was healthy. I began training when he was 3 months old.

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5. Join a group- There are many things you can do with your little one. Surround yourself with other supportive moms. You can join reading time at the library or a gym for kids. It is healthy to get out of the house even if it is for a short time. 

6. Have a night out- Having a night out with your partner or friend can help fill your battery back up. When I could not get out of the house during naptime or bedtime my husband and I would have a movie, painting, and cooking night. Take some time and spoil yourself.

7. Start saying positive things to yourself- You are what you think about. Your day will be what you make of it. Instead of saying, "I am so tired, why does my baby not let me sleep?" Say, "I am my baby's comfort right now. I can rock her/him back to sleep quickly." or "My house is such a mess. I can never clean" to, "My baby is my main focus. The house can always be clean, but these moments go fast." Start making a brain switch to think positively. It is okay to have those off days but try to recenter your brain quicker by saying "I get to" instead of "I have to". This took me the longest to grasp. After student teaching, I became more grateful for my time with him. It changed my perspective on what I truly wanted. 

A gentle reminder, our children are not burdens holding us back. Use motherhood as inspiration to do more and be more. It makes things ten times more rewarding having them by your side. You will be a positive role model for your children, encouraging them to do what they love. 💕 I am not the same person I was before him. I am stronger, wiser, and changed for the better. I learned to set boundaries, not be codependent, and cherish my loved ones. 

I want you to know that everything you are feeling is normal and to be amazed at yourself for creating life. I am glad that more moms are coming forward to talk about motherhood. It is OK if you need time for yourself. You are your own person and it is healthy to have your passions. You got this Mama! 


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