Two Easy Ways to Help with Morning Sickness

I felt like my pregnancy was proceeding smoothly UNTIL I hit 8 weeks. It was like I hit a brick wall. My pregnancy turned into one of the hardest and most taxing things that I had ever experienced. Morning sickness was an understatement. I threw up doing the dishes, eating, and even getting up too quickly. I did not want to get out of bed. I tried all the "hacks" such as ginger, motion sickness bands, crackers next to the bed, and pregnancy suckers. No improvement! If those did not work for you either you're at the right place.

1. I thought I was alone and no one could relate to or understand how I was feeling like death every day. I began to feel defeated and desperate for help. One day, I called up my mom and told her I felt like I was about to pass out in the bathroom at my job. Thankfully, she connected the dots right away and knew I was dehydrated, and told me to grab some Pedialyte. Afterward, that was the beginning of the transition. My body was beyond dehydrated. After drinking a bottle a day throwing up was not an all-day event. Remember if your morning sickness becomes unbearable, please talk to your OBGYN. They can also prescribe you medicine that can help you during this

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2. Smells continued to trigger my nausea. I bought a diffuser to help with smells and it did wonders! Not only did my house smell amazing, but I could move around the house without every little smell getting me. My favorite scents were orange or lavender. They left the house smelling clean and it was calming. I even know a few women who carry around a cloth with their favorite essential oil scent throughout the day.

 I now have the diffuser in my son's room. Every night we put lavender essential oils in the diffuser. The diffuser I selected below works as a perfect night light as well. When he's sick diffusers work great to relieve symptoms and help the immune system. I have another blog called, How to help your little ones when they are sick. In it, I include which essential oils work best for sick kiddos and what to do when your little one gets sick.

I know a few women who love their wax melts too and added that to the selection.

These two ways did not eliminate morning sickness completely, but I was no longer living by the toilet or the trashcan. 🙌 After I added essential oils and electrolytes, I could mellow my symptoms. I was FINALLY able to function again! 

Once I got to 25 weeks, I was starting to feel better but that first trimester was one of the hardest. I did have moments of throwing up throughout my pregnancy. It feels like forever at the moment. You got this Mama! I hope these tips are able to help you through this journey. If they do benefit you or if you have other tips that worked for you during your pregnancy leave them in the comments below. 👇

If you have tried all the hacks such as crackers next to the bed, motion sickness bands and ginger pregnancy suckers this is for you! Staying hydrated and constant smells triggering me were two things that I realized. After I did these two things it helps tremendously. Try peppermint, ginger and lavender essential oils. For more tips and to be able to relate go to I would love to hear from you! ❤️ You got this mama!

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