How Many Diapers Should I add on my Registry? Which is the best and most reliable brand?

Knowing how many diapers I would need to put on the baby registry was one of my biggest questions as a first-time mom. After searching countless websites, I never really found an answer to my question. Remember each baby grows at its own rate. You may be flying through diapers and then all of a sudden you will be stuck on a certain size for a while. If you know your baby will weigh above average aim for larger sizes. My little one's weight at birth was 6.6ibs and he grew at a steady rate. From my experience, it has been something like this for the first year and beyond. 

Which Brand?

Throughout this post, I have linked my personal favorites when it comes to the BEST diapers. Both my husband and I were impressed with how well Huggies held up over time. The elastic in the back helps hold in all the poop. Additionally, we enjoyed the Costco Kirkland brand, which is made by the same company as Huggies. Similar to Huggies they are super soft, have a cute design, and are ideal for sensitive skin. Amazon's Mama Bear brand surprised us. The price was very reasonable, and there were no leaks. They are a bang for your buck! Mama Bear is similar to a Pampers Swaddlers but without the high price tag.

 A brand that disappointed us was LUVS, Walmart, and Target brand diapers.πŸ‘ŽThey did not hold up overnight and we had leaks. LUVS does not cater to sensitive skin. Walmart felt stiff to me, while Target felt a tad flimsy. I was very disappointed since I am a die-hard Target fan. Despite the fact that Walmart and Target are cheaper options for diapers, I know many people who stocked up on diapers and ended up returning them. Their little ones were very sensitive and could only tolerate a non-sensitivity-friendly brand. The three brands I recommend purchasing are suitable for sensitive skin, which is why they are my top picks.

How Many?

Having a cheap yet great brand, such as Amazon Mama Bear, as well as a more popular brand, such as Huggies, is what I enjoy sharing so you can choose one based on your budget. Click on the picture to complete your diaper shopping list or add it to your Amazon baby registry

Newborn- The best tip I received before going to the hospital was to gather EVERYTHING they give you. Including, all the packages of newborn diapers. Some babies don't need to wear newborns longer than a week or two. DO NOT stack up on newborns. I did not even put newborn diapers on my registry. Many will give you packs upon packs of newborns regardless if you do not put them on your registry. If this occurs, you can always exchange or receive a merchandise card from Target or many other popular stores. Buy a small pack of newborns if needed but don't go crazy. They will likely outgrow this size within the first month. Links to my two favorites are below.



Size 1- Size 1 is similar to newborns. NO need to stock up too much size 1. He used only one full big box of size ones. He grew out of size ones by month 3.


Size 2 -  My little one stuck into size 2 for a while. We went through two big packs with him. This is the size I would add to the registry mostly. My baby shower guest overloaded me with newborns and size 1.


Size 3-  If you have room for storage put three sizes 3 on the registry. Size 3 is a tricky size. Some babies go through a big growth spurt during this stage. Luckily in this size, it is more than a 10-pound range.


Size 4-  At this size, we lasted the longest. Three to four big boxes is my suggestion. We ran into an issue once we reached size four. No matter the brand he would leak through at night. Our little one would sleep all the way through the night (we were the lucky ones). After sleeping through the night he would wake up completely soaked. By the time he turned one year old, we tried Pampers overnights and Huggies overnights. Even though he was a size four we had to go up to a size 5 to allow enough room for the diaper to fill up. Huggies was superior once again. Pampers still gave us issues. He leaked through them and did not give us much of an upgrade from his regular diapers. If you have run into this issue I have also linked it below.


My little one also began walking when we entered size 4 and it became more challenging to change his diaper since it was a constant chase. I loved being able to use Pamper Cruisers because I could slide them on and send him off. I know at this stage many moms prefer pull-ups/Cruisers since kids are yanking off the diaper. The Pamper Cruisers I enjoyed using since he did not pull them off as easily and they are able to hold in more.

Size 5-  I did not personally ask for size 5 on my registry. You might even want to wait to buy this size because your child may not like a certain brand or may just be on the verge of potty training. My son started wearing size 5 between 18 months-2 years old.


Overall, every size correlated together. For size 1 we bought one big box, in size 2 we bought two big boxes, in size 3 we bought three big boxes. Sizes 4 and 5 will be something you most likely won't put onto your registry but save those gift cards/cash if you receive any for diapers in the future. 

WIPES- I was way over my head when it came to wipes. I put 5 plus big boxes on my registry and bought a few myself. I still have unopened boxes of wipes and will probably have enough for my next child. Two to three big boxes of wipes will get you VERY far. 

I am not too picky with wipes but I would get sensitive wipes if you are buying them before the baby arrives. I also hated the vinegary smell of Walmart-brand baby wipes. Target, Huggies, Amazon, Kirkland, and Pampers all worked great. I also linked those in the pictures below.


 I know many are switching to cloth diapers as well. If you use cloth diapers which are some of your favorites? I added some from Amazon below that had amazing reviews.  

What diaper sizes were your little ones in the longest? What diapers/wipes did you like the best?


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